Kevin Bond

38 Pastor and Founder – Citadel of Praise and Worship Ministries, Brooklyn, New York

As pastor of the Citadel of Praise and Worship Church in Brooklyn, N.Y., the Rev. Kevin Bond is so dedicated to the borough and its people that he has taken his ministry beyond the pulpit and into the community, establishing the Citadel Human Resource Center and the Citadel Day Care and Learning Center. At age 11, Bond experienced ?a divine awakening? that helped him clarify his life?s mission of ministry and working to uplift mankind by strengthening it spiritually and socioeconomically.

Education played a key role in Bond?s achievements, beginning in his teenage years in public school when he immersed himself totally in his studies. Amid the formidable challenges of public school bureaucracies and of the distressed neighborhood in which he lived, Bond saw education as a motivating factor for professional achievement. Bond?s parents and grandparents have been equally instrumental in his success, encouraging excellence and providing love and support. They continue to contribute to his life work as active members of his church, he says.

Bond makes it clear that he practices what he preaches. Recognizing that his work exceeds the boundaries of his pulpit, he has dedicated himself to improving the lives of the people of Brooklyn. He serves as dean of the Stephen Decatur Middle School #35, where he hosts special daily learning sessions. At annual health fairs and street festivals, he provides free health screenings and other services to improve the overall well-being of members of the community.

Bond?s civic leadership has been recognized by New York City Council Speaker Gifford Miller and the council as a whole, which named him a special adviser. Bond uses the role to ensure that Brooklyn?s religious leadership has a voice on the council.

His favorite quote, ?What?s coming is better than what?s been,? applies as much to life in general as it does to his goal of expanding the Citadel Day Care and Learning Center and devoting his time and money to the development and nurturing of academic excellence.