Keep Your Employees from Leaving Their Jobs: 5 Great Tips to Consider

How do you keep your best people on the job? Here’s

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey,
about one in every five full time employees are thinking about leaving their
current jobs to look for greener pastures or a better work/life balance. However,
some people want to quit their jobs due to a bad boss, toxic work environment,
or the financial instability of the organization. Still others want to find new
jobs since they are bored with their work and do not find any satisfaction in what
they do.?

Needless to say, losing your best people
can hurt your company in a number of ways. For one, you would need money to
advertise job listings and train new hires. In addition, your remaining
employees would have to bear the additional workload created by the vacancy.
So, how do you spare yourself and your company from all these troubles? Here
are some tips that can help you keep your best people for good.

to Keep Your Best People on the Job

pay raises or perks.
If your business is doing
great and you can afford to offer pay
to your best people, then do it. However, if your business is not
making extra money to make this possible, then you should consider offering
perks and rewards to keep your employees happy. The simple act of recognizing
their efforts for a job well done can also inspire them and increase their
productivity on the job.

work/life balance.
Conduct employee surveys to
better understand what your people need and design policies to meet them, use
flexible work arrangements, set clear priorities at work, limit the amount of
take home work and try to recognize signs of burnout and work overload in the
workplace. Do these and you will surely improve your employees’ work/life
and retain your best people on the job.

from within.
Rather than hiring outside talents,
consider promoting your own people, especially if they qualify for the job.
Keep in mind that creating advancement opportunities for your people can boost
their morale and keep them satisfied.

communication lines open.
Frequent communication
and constant feedback can improve your relationship with your staff. Keeping
them looped in on company goals and future plans can also keep them excited
about their work.

Be a
better boss.
Let’s face it. A bad boss is one of
the top reasons why most people quit their jobs. So, if you want to keep your
best people from walking away, then try to be a better boss.

Follow these simple suggestions and you
surely wouldn’t have any troubles keeping your best people on the job.