Karlyn E. Lothery

President Lothery & Associates Washington, D.C. Age: 35

By the time Karlyn E. Lothery started college she had lived in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. So taking on something new rarely triggered fear. Launching Lothery & Associates in 2008, however, was a giant leap. She had walked away from the United States Tennis Association, where she was the first chief diversity officer and youngest executive in the C-suite.

Lothery & Associates specializes in media training, public speaking, executive communications coaching and diversity training. Its Sports Talkers division, which combines Lothery?s love of sports with her expertise in communications, provides media and diversity training to collegiate and professional athletes and teams. Starting a business during an economic downturn might seem daunting. However, through networking and heavy sales, Lothery managed to do well and she looks to the future with optimism. If you have entrepreneurial aspirations, ?take a shot because the rewards are endless,? she advises.

Lothery drew on a previous career as a television reporter and anchor to become a communications consultant. She contacted the presidents of every media-training company she could find, used her bachelor?s degree in marketing from Georgetown University to sell her skills and eventually landed a position with The Communication Center. She attributes much of her success to her comfortable communications style, adaptability and strong work ethic. ?There are far more people out there telling you all the reasons why you shouldn?t try something. Your job is to tell yourself why you should,? she says.

Quote: “When starting a new business, and chasing your dream, you must be willing to climb a mountain of ‘nos’ to get that one ‘yes’.” – B. Smith

Fun Facts
Who should play you in a movie:
Gabrielle Union
Favorite sports team: Georgetown men?s?basketball
Jeans and T-shirt or suit: Suit
First car: Acura Integra
Favorite comedian: Lewis Black
Number of countries visited: 11
Favorite charity: MS Society of America