Justina Omokhua


Justina Omokhua
Vice President, Strategy
Erwin Penland
New York City
Age: 35

The daughter of Nigerian parents, Toronto native Justina Omokhua is a natural problem solver. “My insatiable curiosity for, and desire to solve, the unknown keeps me motivated,” she explains. Her love of business and her solutions-driven nature make her well-suited for her current role as vice president of strategy at Erwin Penland, a full-service marketing communications agency. She currently manages the Verizon relationship and strategy for new businesses. Omokhua earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology, with a minor in business, at York University, Toronto, and worked on well-known brands, including Nokia, Pepsi, Wal-Mart and L’Oreal, before joining Erwin Penland. “In the advertising industry there aren’t many of us represented, so to be able to have a voice and work with such big brands is extremely amazing,” she explains. She values the overall experience, saying, “It’s very easy to get excited about a particular company name or title, but if what you are required to do on a daily basis doesn’t motivate you, then there is no point.”

Known for delivering actionable, on-strategy recommendations that support her client’s marketing objectives, Omokhua prides herself in making clients feel confident with each email, phone call or meeting. She wants them to think: “I know that I am covered with Justina on the case.”

In addition to her consultative approach to managing clients, Omokhua is a strong advocate for mentoring. “It is about interacting with someone who has already experienced certain things and learning how to navigate and avoid certain mistakes.” As a mentor she enjoys seeing people succeed. “I am all about the win, and when they win I win.” If not solving issues for corporate clients, this “Scandal,” “NCIS” and “Matlock” fan would be an agent for the CIA. Omokhua also earned Rutgers University’s Mini-MBA certificate in strategic marketing.