Jurjis Jarvis Unveils Spring Summer Presentation at NY Fashion Week 2016

Jurgis JarvisModels bedecked in fluorescent orange and yellow stood in line as designer Jurjis Jarvis altered their gowns and tresses. Jarvis? Spring/Summer 2017 presentation contrasted with the pale, white walls in Caelum Gallery, created an eloquent, yet eccentric theme. Jarvis said, ?I wanted to give color this season. Whites and yellows inspired me to give sex appeal but not too much.? It is evident that the women?s gowns were cut to emphasize their silhouette, while concealing their cleavage.

Jarvis implicated the importance of versatility.? He said, ?I wanted to give the men something different because they?ve been locked in a box for such a long time. One of my (Male) models has a navy blue jumper on with mesh on the sides, and you don?t normally see men in mesh but I wanted to appeal to the styles of today and men are really starting to dress and care about what they look like. So, I wanted to create a style especially for men that sets them apart from the crowd, trendy, and still holds up masculinity.?
?I like that the designer incorporated cooler tones and how the clothes are very wearable. Usually at NY Fashion Week, you see a lot of beautiful clothes but they don?t translate well from runway to real life. He made the clothes more elegant street art oppose to really over the top fashion that no one can afford, and no one would buy or wear,? said audience member Dina Vibes.

The models were like a living display. Statuesque in posture, people could walk in between them viewing the clothes from every angle as the designer walked around adjusting straps and draping.

?I?m very impressed with how the gowns show the silhouettes of the models. The way these dresses fall on these girls caters to all body types. The theme of the presentation was definitely simplistic royalty. It?s not too flashy, yet it catches your eye. The designer definitely did his job. It?s a subtle presentation, but compliments fashion week nicely,? Said Jamessey Noel.
The models themselves were as equally diverse as the clothing in which they stood. Kristen Dodson an employee at Fashion 360 Magazine said ?This is black beauty. I like that the models are diverse. There are more than one representations of every race that is modeling. The models? skin color with these dresses just work.?

Although New York Fashion Week is coming to an end, Jarvis is eager for his release of his February collection.? ?Unlike this [presentation], the winter one will have much more day and evening looks for every body type,? he said.