Jump Start Your Business Idea

Business ideasGot a great business idea but don’t know to be started? There are thousands of potentially successful business ideas that never get off the starting block. And you need more than the perfect business plan—you need the right mindset.

?The difficulty for some people to follow up on an idea is not having the right mindset to believe they can be successful with their idea,? explains organizational strategist and business mentor Michelle Renee Brown, founder and president of Catalyst Enterprises International. ?I have helped many women launch their
businesses by spending 30% of our time creating a plan and 70% of our time helping them to develop the right mindset to have the courage and perseverance to follow
through on their idea.?

So how to begin? ?The first step to execution is having a clear understanding of the
outcome you desire to achieve,? says Brown. Once you have a clear vision of your
idea, then look closely at your potential customer. ?The next step is understanding,
who you want to serve with this idea, who is your ideal client and where do they
hang out,? says Brown. ?Then it is important to craft a message that speaks to the
needs of those whom you want to serve and addresses the solution that you desire to

When starting any business there will be hurdles to overcome—but most can be
cleared, says Brown. ?Discuss the obstacles to determine if they are real or self-
perception. If the obstacles are perceived, it’s important for people to understand
where the perception came from and shift their mindset to overcome those
perceptions. For those obstacles that are real, make a list of options to get past
those obstacles that have presented themselves and even consider ones that may
not have presented themselves but could in the future,? she advises. ?The next step
would be to create a tentative action plan to implement those options should the need
arise. There may never be a need to implement this plan but it helps people feel more in
control when they have a plan to overcome potential obstacles.?

With the obstacles taken care off, your is mind clear for success.