Joycelyn K. Allen and Chandra Lewis Launch TALA

TalaMarketing professionals Joycelyn K. Allen and Chandra Lewis have launched The Allen Lewis Agency (TALA), a PR agency specializing in strategic brand development, communication planning, media and public relations, events, marketing and reputation management.

?Together, using our combined 40-years experience, we help companies couple brand strategy with revenue/profit generation, cultivate affinity and multicultural markets, launch new technologies, shift communications mindset through storytelling, make connections and mobilize relationships,? said Jocelyn Allen, co-founder and CEO, The Allen Lewis Agency.

Prior to launching the firm, Allen served as director of Regional, Grassroots and Diversity Communications at General Motors while Lewis served as Director, Corporate Communications at Bosch. In that role, she oversaw public and media relations, crisis and change management, brand development, executive visibility, digital and social media, employee engagement, trade shows and events. During her tenure at GM, Allen led teams across the nation and abroad to help the company grow relationships and gain entrance into multicultural markets and launch a groundbreaking telematics service in China.

Chandra Lewis, co-founder and COO, The Allen Lewis Agency, states: ?We are two mothers, two daughters, two communicators, two go-getters and two best friends. Our professional success has been largely based on the trusted relationships we?ve maintained with customers, colleagues, press and stakeholders and relentless drive we bring to every project. Clients will not find another agency who?ll work harder for their success.?