John M. Bonhomme

Principal Scroll Capital Partners Washington, D.C. Age: 31

John M. Bonhomme took a gamble with his career and hit the jackpot. ?Career success isn?t a single accomplishment or position but a culmination of calculated decisions and risk-taking that move you toward your full potential,? says Bonhomme, who left a promising career in investment banking to help build a fledging private-equity firm. That firm, Scroll Capital Partners, is now a booming investment boutique that has provided more than $150 million in capital to clients, including a towing company, a clinical trial management firm, a sports arena, and aerospace and automotive parts manufacturers.

?The best business is ownership,? Bonhomme insists. Unlike investment banking, which simply provides business capital, private equity allows him and his colleagues to both fund and manage the business, he explains. Because mentors were instrumental in his business success, Bonhomme encourages aspiring professionals to pursue strong relationships with leaders in their industry.

Prior to joining his partners at Scroll, Bonhomme worked in leveraged finance at J.P. Morgan and in fixed-income and investment banking at Goldman Sachs & Co., where he managed accounts with mutual and hedge funds, banks, corporations and insurance companies ? a client base with assets of $850 billion.

He holds an MBA from Cornell University and a bachelor?s degree in philosophy and religion from Colgate University. He serves on Colgate?s Alumni Board of Directors and President?s Club and is regional director of the school?s Alumni of Color Committee. He sponsors and mentors students through the organization A Better Chance.

Quote: “Every day above ground is a good day.”

Fun Facts
Favorite book/author: The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
Facebook or LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Spectator or athlete: Spectator
Jeans and T-shirt or suit: Jeans and dress shirt
Favorite comedian: Steve Harvey
Number of countries visited: 10
Last movie seen: Seven Pounds