John Coltrane?s Historic Home Endangered

ColtraneDuring his splendid stay among us, the great musician John Coltrane never asked anyone for anything. Through his music, he was a prideful man and forever giving of his boundless genius. But a few days ago we learned that the home where he created such masterpieces as ?A Love Supreme,? ?Naima,? and ?Impressions,? is on America?s 11 most endangered historic places.
Coltrane, best known for his tenor and soprano saxophone mastery and his compositions, died in 1967, and his widow, Alice, herself a phenomenal pianist/organist and composer, joined the ancestors in 2007. She was living in the Woodland Hills section of Los Angeles near the Sai Anantam ashram in Agoura Hills, which she founded in 1983. While she was the manager of Coltrane?s estate and his publishing company, Jowol Music, as well as his foundation, it is not known the extent to which she was involved in the preservation of the endangered house in Dix Hills, Long Island.

According to one news account, the National Trust for Historic Preservation said the ranch style home is slowly deteriorating due to the lack of funds. ?Although a local group has taken ownership of the property and hopes to restore and interpret the site as an education center, the effort sorely needs broader attention and support,? the Trust statement announced.

People interested in helping in salvaging the historic site can do so by texting ?Places? to 25383 for their donations, which, according to the owners, will go towards saving the place through National Trust outreach programs.