Job Hunting While Still Employed: Some Tips to Make It Work

job-searchIncrease your chances of finding a
new job while you are still employed.

When you come to think of it, looking for a new and better
job while you are still employed makes a lot of sense. You will still enjoy the
financial security your current job offers and test the job market at the same
time. As such, you would not be pressured to accept just any job offer that will
come your way. ?

However, this practice is not 100% fail proof. There is no
guarantee that nothing would go wrong. If you are not discreet in your job
hunting efforts, it may damage your reputation in the office and ruin your career. Worse, it may even
lead to your dismissal. To prevent all these from happening and to improve
your chances of landing a better job
, here are some tips that you may find

Keep it a secret.
Don’t be obvious. You don’t want your current boss to know that you are looking
for a new job before you are ready to quit your job. You shouldn’t even tell
your closest friends at work about what you are doing since your boss may learn
about your little secret before you are ready to quit. So, troll the jobs boards
and apply for jobs after office hours, and schedule
interviews during non-work hours
(before or after work, during lunch or on
your personal day). However, if a prospective employer wants to interview you
during work hours, you should consider taking a day off.

Avoid searching for a
new job while you are in the office.
Most companies have tracking programs
built into their computers so it would be extremely easy for a snooping
employer to see the sites that you have been visiting. You shouldn’t even use
the company’s phone line and fax for your job search.

Review your
If you don’t want your current boss to know about your plans of
leaving your job, then you shouldn’t list his or her name in your roster of
references. Don’t even use your current co-workers as references if they are
not aware of your plans. Instead, consider asking some of your previous bosses
and colleagues to provide references for you.

Strive to excel in
your current job.
Even if your enthusiasm for your current job is already
waning, you should never let it affect your performance at work. In fact, you
should continue to excel to show that your commitment to the company has never

Looking for a new job without leaving your current job first
can be challenging. Make it work by following these few,
simple tips.