Avoid Internet Blunders When Job Hunting


When using the Internet to find a new job, smart people often make stupid mistakes, according to CareerJournal.com, The Wall Street Journal’s executive career guide. CareerJournal.com listed the most common Internet job-search blunders:

• Cover letters. It’s simple to cut and paste the same letter and sent it to different hiring managers, but make sure you proof your changes to avoid silly mistakes.
• Direct communication. It may feel like you’re communicating directly with a hiring manager, but he is likely to be receiving hundreds of résumés each day, so don’t be too familiar in your greeting.
• E-mail addresses. Make sure the address you use is professional. If your address is “partyguy@hotmail.com” consider opening a new e-mail account.
• Fun fonts. Bright colors and exotic fonts in electronic résumés and e-mails often don’t translate in other e-mail systems.
• Out of your league. Don’t submit an application for a position unless you’re truly qualified.
• “What if my boss finds my résumé?” Surveys show that you aren’t likely to be fired for job hunting; it may even prompt your boss to improve your position to keep you.
• Résumé. If your work experiences don’t sell the employer on hiring you for a specific job, revise or omit them in subsequent applications for similar positions.