Job Benefits That Will Keep Your Employees Happy

Keep your employees happy and they
will never leave.

Contrary to what some employers believe,
the secret to retaining your top talent is relatively simple. All you need is
to keep them happy at work. How can you do that? Here are some cool perks and
benefits some companies provide to keep their employees happy.

health care plans

According to the results of a survey
conducted by Deloitte Consulting, one of the world’s largest
management consulting firm in strategy and operations, human capital and
technology services,
33% of employees choose to work with their current employers
because of the healthcare
they are offering while 40% claimed that these benefits keep them
from moving to another company. Keeping this in mind, providing an excellent healthcare
plan will definitely create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

working conditions

Giving your employees the flexibility to
work whenever and wherever they want can be one of the most attractive benefits
you can ever offer. In fact, studies reveal that a lot of people prefer to stay
on a job that offers lower pay as long as it provides them a healthy work-life
balance. Some employers even go a bit further by not requiring their employees
to work from 9 to 5 as long as they get their jobs done and meet the deadline.

programs and gym benefits

Providing access to health information,
healthy lifestyle and wellness
can take your employees a step closer to enjoying a more balanced
life. Offering them access to quality onsite workout facilities or providing paid
gym memberships also works great. In addition, some companies even allow their
employees to play basketball or volleyball, or surf the wave in the middle of
the day to keep them physically fit.


You can significantly decrease absenteeism
and increase productivity by providing backup childcare services for employees
who have small children.


This is yet another benefit that ranks high
among the working group. However, if you can’t provide free transportation for
each of your employees, you can consider giving them money to pay for parking,
gas or public transportation instead.


Making sure your employees are ready for
retirement can also be a great way to keep them happy. To do this, you need to match
to their 401(k) contributions or offer some other forms of assistance.

Remember, you can retain your best
employees by providing benefits that keep them happy. You don’t need huge
amounts of money to do that but you need to know what they value the most to
keep them satisfied.?