Jennifer Williams: The Business Woman Behind the Basketball

(Jennifer Williams.)

Reality TV star Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives is more than just a pretty face. This savvy entrepreneur knows how to maximize opportunities. Before signing on to the hit reality show, Basketball Wives, Williams was part owner of Flirty Girl Fitness, a unique women-only fitness studio that places an entertaining spin on staying fit. With studios currently located in Toronto and Chicago, the gym offers typical fitness classes, yoga, boxing, and zumba in addition to unique workout experiences and social gatherings.

When Williams signed on to do the show, she decided it was time to begin a new business venture. She knew that being on the show would offer a vast amount of exposure, so she came up with a product to manufacture and sell.? It was then that Williams launched Lucid Cosmetics, along with cosmetic veteran, Michael Todd Cosmetics, and celebrity graphic artist and designer, J. Shaw Designs. ?I designed everything from the container and packaging to the colors. I was very hands on. It was time-consuming to film the show while trying to launch a product line. I learned a lot and have had some challenges,? says Williams.

Contrary to what fans of the show may think, Williams wasn?t always a basketball wife. She graduated cum laude with a degree in political science from Fairleigh Dickerson University with goals of becoming an attorney.? However, after she began working at a law firm, she decided to pursue other interests. Williams worked in the real estate industry and is a licensed real estate broker in the state of New Jersey where she has sold upscale properties. ?I didn?t get into real estate just to sell houses. I was interested in investment properties. I always considered myself a business woman. I knew that corporate America wasn?t for me,? says Williams.

It was during the time that she worked in real estate that she met former basketball player Eric Williams. They later married, which led to her being a candidate for the successful reality show. Williams spends countless hours each day managing her businesses, including her foundation, Project Save the World, which supports several charities and causes.? ?I?m always thinking of new ideas. What can I do next and what can I do to expand my brands? I just finished designing the displays for Lucid for retail stores and I?m waiting for prototypes to come in.? We are going to start planning an event for stores in New York,? says Williams.

Each of Williams? businesses takes her in different directions: reality TV, fitness, beauty, and philanthropy. However she?s passionate about all of her endeavors.? ?I take something away from all of them. Right now Lucid is highest on the things to do list because it?s new. With my foundation, I?m extremely blessed and I feel like I have to give back. It?s something that I have never been able to describe but it?s a great feeling. I love all of my businesses,? says Williams. According to, Williams? combined interests have reaped an estimated net worth of over $25 million dollars.

Her newest venture includes a book for women about diet, exercise, wardrobe, and beauty. It?s expected to be in stores by the end of 2012.