Jay-Z Launches Cigar Line, Cohiba Comador

Jay-Z Cohiba ComadorFrom Forbes

Stroll into the Nat Sherman Townhouse in Manhattan and the first thing you?ll notice is how quickly the scent of smoke engulfs your body, attaching itself to the back of your throat like a bitter, invisible paste. In the rare instance that none of the sales associates or patrons is actively puffing, the aroma still pervades the store as if baked into the faded rugs and set for timed release.

Other attention-grabbing details include the sheer quantity of cigars?thousands of individual sticks produced by hundreds of different brands?and the signs hanging overhead, adorned with old-style cursive script. They proclaim the virtues of Nat Sherman?s wares: ?100% Additive Free,? ?The Original Natural,? ?The Finest.?

Yet nowhere among the townhouse?s shelves can one find the Cohiba Comador, a cigar launched by Jay Z last year. It?s probably because he and the brass at Virginia-based General Cigar, his partner in the venture, wanted it that way.

?It?s all about how many [cigars] they come out with, how many boxes they came out with, and that?s why it becomes a little rarer to find,? says Juan Sanchez, a lead sales associate at Nat Sherman. ?They do market it as a boutique line.?

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