Jason Dukes Discusses the Art of Business Coaching

Jason DukesJason Dukes has a unique approach when it comes to business coaching. He believes in using love, peace, power and humor to help his clients reach their goals.

Through Captains Chair Coaching, Dukes offers personal, business and executive life coaching from his NJ/NY/NYC location, but has clients worldwide.

Dukes, a teacher and a life coach, is actually a former motorsports and aviation professional but even in his motorsports career he coached and mentored others. Now, among the services he offers through his company are One on One Life Coaching; Business Coaching; and Career Coaching/Personal Career Coaching. “I launched Captains Chair Coaching almost two years ago. ?I personally worked with a life coach and realized that my highest and best purpose was to be a life coach and to use that as a way of giving my gift to the world,” ?explains Dukes. “My purpose is to help people live a more peaceful life by helping them get into their own ‘Captains Chair of their Life,’ so that they can really be responsible for their gifts and how they release them to the world,” says Dukes.

And who doesn’t need a little coaching? “We live in a world where peoples’ gifts are buried. ?There’s a ton of marketing and advertising, family pressure and things like cultural expectations and ceilings that make people conform to what the world needs or wants them to be. ?Often a person’s true gifts and purpose are at odds with what the world is demanding from them,” notes Dukes. “So, I work with people to help them find their true gifts and purpose; find a future vision for themselves; and keep themselves accountable to their true goals and purpose,” he explains.

Looking ahead at his own career, Dukes has a few goals in mind. ?”I’ll spare the major details, but in short, my goals for this year are to help people find peace in their lives by distinguishing their gifts and giving them to the world. I do this through one-on-one coaching, seminars, speaking engagements and my upcoming book. ?I also co-produce an African American movement called Uncovering Ourselves, where our goal is to educate, motivate and empower the African American community,” shares Dukes.

So what are some mistakes professionals make? “There isn’t a universal list of mistakes made by professionals. ?It changes depending on the environment, timing and many other factors. ?What worked for the last person six months ago may not get you the same result,” explains Dukes. “We live in a world that is constantly changing, and that world is filled with individuals who are constantly changing.”

But there are some common mistakes. According to Dukes, they include:

–Not being original; following what the last person did; not being true to yourself

–Not stopping to ponder their life and careers. ?
“Another common mistake is not taking the time to figure out what being true to yourself even consists of,” says Dukes. “I’ve spoken to many people who were certain they knew what was true for themselves, and within a five-minute conversation they figured out that many of their beliefs were just handed down to them. They accepted them and have been using them as their guide. ?So, it’s very empowering to actually figure yourself out and know what being true to yourself actually means.”

–Not claiming responibility. “Another mistake professionals make is not taking responsibility for what has happened and how it has changed their future. Personally, I’m not looking to hire anyone who makes excuses of why something didn’t happen the way they wanted,” notes Dukes. ?”I’m more interested in what happened, how they have been accountable for their mistakes and how we are going to move forward and be responsible for the future,” concludes Dukes.