Jasmine Collins Making Atlanta Beautiful Through Her Razor Chic

JasmineJasmine Collins takes appearances seriously. She has built a successful career around making other people beautiful. A Master Stylist, she offers hair and image consulting through her Atlanta-based company Razor Chic. Her hairstyles have won accolades in various major competitors, including the famed Bronner Brother Hair Competition. Now, not only does she still work with private clients, she also offers classes such as “The Razor Chic Pixie Cut & Wave Technique” and “The Relaxer & Wave Technique and Edge-U-Cation” to help others get started in the industry. And she gives back as well. She is hosting a “Cut Party” in December to benefit Toys For Tots.

Collins takes TNJ.com inside the world of imaging.

TNJ.com: What led you to start Razor Chic (become a hairstylist)?

Jasmine Collins: God gave me the talent to do hair to keep me out of trouble because I was heading down the wrong path. Doing hair was an outlet that just grew. My Aunt was my first client. Although it wasn’t my best work, I tried to do a finger wave style for her. Next thing I knew, I was doing finger waves for everyone. ?

TNJ.com: How did you fund the start up?

JC: I funded my start up from behind the chair. I worked for years in various hair salons building my clientele and saving my money for the next step in my career.

TNJ.com: Why the name?

JC: I was known for cutting with razors instead of using shears (scissors) so I started calling myself Razor Chic.

TNJ.com: You entered and won various competitions. Do you think such competitions are helpful to launch careers in certain industries?

JC: Yes, the competitions helped me create certain looks within a certain amount of time. It is always good to surround yourself with other talent because seeing other creative looks and styles will help grow your talent.

TNJ.com: What did you learn from the competitions that have helped you in business?

JC: Being in competitions has inspired me to put on my own show, The Real Hair Battle. Attending other competitions, I felt a lot of elements were missing such as, working on real hair. You have to add weaves and extensions to make a client feel beautiful or create a great style. That’s what I do at my show. I challenge stylists to work on a client’s real hair in order to create a perfect look.

TNJ.com: How does one become a Master Stylist?

JC: Constantly educating yourself will help you become passionate about perfecting your craft in all areas. You’re never too good to sign up for a class or purchase a DVD to further your education.

TNJ.com: What are your goals for the company for this year? ?

JC: My goals this year are: 1) Hold a successful hair show ; ?2) host more styling technique classes; 3) challenge stylist to get back to real hair (stop using weaves).

TNJ.com: What are some of your Your long-term goals?

JC: They are: 1) To have a chain of salons, a clothing line and own a cosmetology school.

TNJ.com: What are some trends you are seeing in the industry and how are you taking advantage of them?

JC: Getting back to hair”– I’ve been showing women from across the world that they can be beautiful with their own hair. I work with a lot of clients who suffer from alopecia and various hair loss issues. What stylists don’t realize is that you don’t have to add all this extra stuff (lace front wigs, tracks, etc) to make your client feel beautiful. Long hair doesn’t define you.

TNJ.com: Why do you enjoy what you do?

JC: There is no greater feeling than being able to give someone their confidence back. Being able to boost someone’s self-esteem.