James Felton Keith Among Speakers at 2016 HOPE Global Forum Annual Meeting

James Felton KeithThe 2016 HOPE Global Forum Annual Meeting, taking place from January 13 through January 15 in Atlanta, Georgia, will deliver an impressive roster of influencers in their respective fields from Van Jones (Dream Works) to Dr. Regina Benjamin (Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan Boards of Directors) to Andrew Young (Andrew Young Foundation) to Benjamin Todd Jealous (Kapor Center).???

The 2015 list was equally impressive, with a keynote speech from Bill Clinton, founder of the Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States.

Count James Felton Keith, Chief Operating Officer at Accrue, as one of these powerful players. His game? Financial technology.?
?Accrue, a firm I co-founded, is an IBM-backed software company with a focus on FinTech. Our trademarked Almanac platform is a convergence of Big Data and Machine Learning to distribute Predictive Analytics for Stocks Futures and Forex. While our current business resides with financial institutions, the potential to offer our Almanac insights to everyone in the normal economy is our driver. We started this company thinking about inclusive capitalism,? Keith shares in an interview with TNJ.com.

The conference is an initiative founded by Operation HOPE and is a collection of people in tech, policy and business services ? both large and small. Topics of speaker panels include government, tech, entrepreneurship, women & girls and global. Ryan Mack, Mid-Atlantic Market President for Operation HOPE?s Northeast Region, invited Keith to speak at the event.???

A native of Detroit, Michigan, and a resident of Harlem, NY, Keith says the topic the Forum picked for him is ?Transformative Technology: What Drives the Disruptors??????

?The talk I?m giving is less about Transformative Technology because there?s so much extraordinary tech out there whether it?s fin tech, health tech, education tech, or ad tech. The talk will focus on what ultimately drives disruptors, which is their own disenfranchisement. Me being who I am and where I?m from, a Black kid from Detroit at the end of the day, I see a need to engage more people in the normal economy, specifically the financial markets. We advocate for people to have some formal equity in the normal economy? explains Keith.

A graduate of Harvard University and a 2015 Network Journal 40 Under Forty honoree, Keith describes his business of inclusive equity as distributing needles in haystacks.?

“I work primarily in data analytics and we take information about the financial markets in its normal reported form, whether it be the internet or an article published in a magazine or stock price data. We refer to it as all of the hay that people add to the haystack, and we use our Almanac platform to find needles in the haystack of information that most investors would never have access to,” says Keith.

The Almanac will be available on Accrue’s website in 2016.

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