Jackson is the New Face of Nutrisystem

Janet JacksonMovie and music icon Janet Jackson recently became the spokesperson for Nutrisystem and since doing so the?weight-loss company has made some major changes.? For one, Nutrisystem has introduced Nutribank, an organization that is aimed at combating hunger.? They have vowed to contribute $10 million worth of company food to the organization as well as a dollar for every pound their customers lose for next year.? At a time when people are eager to shed the pounds that they put on during the holiday season, Nutrisystem is finding a way to help people at both ends of the spectrum.

Jackson, who appeared in two one-minute ads, has been promoting her new diet regimen at every turn.? On Jan. 9 she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and spoke about her book ?True You,? where she talks about the struggle that she had with her weight and self-esteem.? At one point, she told Leno that she was 180 pounds and had to work with a personal chef to lose the weight. With last year?s revenue at $509 million for Nutrisystem (second only to Weight Watchers) and some new philanthropic goals the company is looking to try some new tactics. ?The slogan ?Get On It,? which Jackson says in the campaigns is empowering women of all sizes to value their health.
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