Is it Too Late for Windows 10 to Help Microsoft Make a Comeback?

Microsoft has the right idea for a potential comeback with Windows 10

Windows 10, which is poised for release in the middle of 2015, has the potential to help Microsoft make a comeback. It is what Windows 8 should have been (Start Button and all), but Microsoft?s presence is so large, it is not out of the game just yet. This is especially true because Windows 10 is planned for all devices?phones, tablets and the like as well as computers. Plus, Windows 10 is truly intuitive and user friendly.

  • The versatility of Windows 10 (it will run on 4-inch screens and 80-inch screens alike) means it will reach a large user base. It has the potential to make for a unified and universal experience.
  • Windows 10, while it will run on all types of devices, will make sense for each device. For example, phones and tablets will feature home screens and icons for users to tap. People on a computer using a keyboard and mouse still get their apps in windows and folders.
  • Users will again be able to resize apps and move them around the screen.
  • Microsoft took note of Apple?s OS X and added a similar feature to Windows 10. It lets users zoom out to see everything that is open on their device. They can then select any app to start using it.
  • Desktop displays at the bottoms of screens make for easier navigation.
  • Windows 10 will work just fine with management systems.
  • Windows 10 is poised to be extra-friendly to app developers because they only need one platform on which to develop their apps. One app for 4-inch screens and 80-inch screens alike.
  • Screens will be touch-enabled.
  • The Windows 10 taskbar lets users search their files, the Windows Store or the Internet. Users can also jump among their desktops.