Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?

How Do You Know If You Should Redesign Your Website?

Your web presence says a lot about your brand. Business websitesare a critical tool in today?s era of digital commerce, and how your site looks and runs is considered a reflection of your business?s personality. Old, clunky designs are a huge turn off for customers, so here?s a guide to determine if it?s time to redesign your site and step up your web game.?

How to Tell If You Should Redesign Your Website

  1. Bounce Rates: The bounce rate of a website is the number of visitors who leave after only seeing a single page of the site. Your want bounce rates to be low because that means visitors are being engaged and, hopefully, being converted into customers. The more time they spend on your page, the more likely they?ll spend money too.
  2. Business Changes: Has your business changed in any way since the last time your page was updated? If the answer isn?t a clear ?no?, you need to redesign your site to reflect your changing business. If customers find outdated or conflicting information on a site, they are likely to go somewhere else. Worse, they?ll have a negative opinion of your business.
  3. Change with the Times: Like fashion, design trends change pretty often. What was hot 8 years ago looks stale and dated today. Technological advances and changes in web practice happen even faster, so updating your site can help your site run faster and smoother, creating a more positive visitor experience. A good rule of thumb: redesign your site at least every 5 years, ideally every 1-2 years. Pro tip: make sure your site is mobile-friendly!
  4. Listen to Feedback: The first rule of business is ?the customer is always right?. If you?re getting consistently negative feedback about your website, then stop what you?re doing and redesign it! Also, if they get confused and say that they have trouble finding certain pages, then a redesign is definitely in order.?

If you are going to be working on your website, then here are a few tools that can help you out.