Is It Possible to Lower Your Rent Without Moving?

how to pay a lower rentFind out how to pay a lower rent without having to move

If you want to lower your rent, you need to move to a cheaper place. Actually, maybe not. Try a few tips to save by staying exactly where you are; it?s even more feasible if your landlord is not a faceless big company. If your lease is expiring in a few months, start as soon as possible to maximize your chances of success.

  • Explain to your landlord that you feel you deserve a break because you?ve always paid early or on time. Say that you want to stay if at all possible because you enjoy the landlord and living there.
  • If the above tactic is not successful, see if you can get 5 to 10 percent off the rent by paying early every month or even biweekly. Another variation is to pay your rent three to six months in advance.
  • A third option is to agree to a lease that keeps you in the place for two years, three years or even more. That kind of guaranteed, consistent income provides security to the landlord, and he would be more amenable to parting with $50 to $100 off the rent every month. Only do this if you truly love the property and would be happy and capable of staying there.
  • Perform maintenance tasks in exchange for discounts on the rent. Examples include mowing the grass, getting newly vacated apartments ready for their next round of tenants or performing simple tasks such as rent collection or planning and hosting monthly gatherings. For a heftier break or free rent, you could become building superintendent and be on call for tasks as needed.
  • Explain your options. Tell your landlord about the other places you have found that offer lower rent. Show you are not desperate.
  • Agree to pay for repairs or general upkeep yourself in exchange for, say, $100 or $200 off the rent each month. This is a risk, however, so approach it with caution.