Irish police release hacking suspect

DUBLIN (AP) ? Irish police say they have released without charge a 19-year-old student accused by U.S. authorities of breaking into the email account of Ireland’s top cybersecurity cop and using its contents to eavesdrop on American and British anti-hacking detectives.

Trinity College student Donncha O Cearbhaill walked free Wednesday from Terenure police station in south Dublin a day after his arrest following a U.S. indictment for hacking offenses.

An FBI affidavit quotes secretly recorded communications between O Cearbhaill and a U.S. hacker-turned-FBI mole discussing O Cearbhaill’s efforts against Irish, American and British law enforcement officials.

Police say they are preparing an evidence file against O Cearbhaill to be presented to Irish state prosecutors.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

LONDON (AP) ? Hackers claiming allegiance to the amorphous Anonymous movement say they’ve defaced several sites belonging to online defense firm Panda Security.

Anonymous supporters have been rattled by a trans-Atlantic investigation that has exposed one of the group’s best-known hackers, Sabu, as an alleged FBI informant.

U.S. and British officials charged six men and one adolescent with a host of computer crimes linked to Sabu’s activities Tuesday, sowing anger and confusion among supporters of the loose-knit network.

But the group fired back with an attack against dozens of Panda Security subsites, accusing the company of working with law enforcement.

The Bilbao, Spain-based Panda Security said Wednesday its main site wasn’t compromised.



Panda Security: