Iowa Sen. Grassley’s Twitter account hacked

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) ? Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley is back in control of his Twitter account after someone hacked into it and sent messages to his nearly 34,000 followers.

The messages sent Monday mocked him and mentioned measures in Congress dealing with Internet piracy. Grassley was among senators who changed his stand on the measure and opposed it after an outpouring of online opposition to tinkering with Internet freedoms.

Spokeswoman Jill Kozeny said in an email that his staff noticed the hacking “after the first false Tweet was posted.” She says Twitter was notified and Grassley’s password was changed.

Kozeny says she doesn’t know why his account was targeted. The incident was reported to the Senate Sergeant at Arms. Twitter is investigating.

Grassley was flying Monday to Washington from Des Moines.