iOttie Makes the Perfect Dashboard Phone Mount for Wireless Charging

iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Dashboard Mount

It is rare when I find a gadget that makes me think, “This is exactly what I want.”

I’m constantly bombarded with offers to review the newest external battery or this year’s hot phone.

I love it, actually, which is why I still love writing these reviews. It’s all about the thrill of finding something better, maybe even something that completely satisfies me. That’s rare, but it happens.

This week, I’m happy to say I’ve found a gadget that checks all the boxes for me: the iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Dashboard Mount ($54.99)

The iTap 2 Wireless is also available with an air vent mount or CD slot mount, all for the same price.

I’m the kind of user who likes to have my phone mounted up high so I can use it for navigation. For as long as I can remember, I’ve used a custom mount in my Honda Fit. The mount is from ProClip ( and it attaches to the A-pillar in my car, which is the pillar at the front of my driver’s door.

The mount is only half the solution, though, since it’s just a platform. You still need a phone holder, which varies depending on what phone you have, how you want to mount it and whether it’s in a case or not.

I’ve used the ProClip mount during the 10 years I’ve had my Honda, but I’ve gone through almost a dozen phone holders.

Magnetic mounts

My favorite type of device holder is magnetic. The car mount is fitted with a strong magnet, and you attach a thin metal plate to the back of your phone (or attach the plate inside your phone’s case).

The magnetic mount is perfect for me, and I happily used one until I bought a phone that has wireless charging.

You see, the metal plate on the back of the phone that enables the magnetic mount is exactly in the way when you try wireless charging. With the plate in place, the phone won’t charge wirelessly.

I was sad to have to ditch my magnetic mount system.

I wanted to use wireless charging in my car, and the best mount I had found was from iOttie — the Easy One Touch Wireless, which uses arms on either side to grip your phone while it wirelessly charges.

This is a really good system and I was happy with it, but in the back of my mind, I knew someone would come up with a wireless mount that used magnets.

I was not surprised to see the solution from iOttie.

The iTap 2 is a magnetic wireless charger attached to a suction cup dashboard mount.

The mount is really sticky and the suction cup really grips well. iOttie also includes a plastic disk with two-sided adhesive that you can attach to your dash if the surface is not smooth enough for a good suction mounting.

I tried the suction cup, and it stayed rock solid on my dash and came off without leaving any residue.

To be honest, I removed the iTap 2 from the dashboard mount and attached it to my ProClip mount, which uses the same 17-millimeter ball joint mount iOttie uses in the iTap 2 Wireless.

The iTap 2 Wireless can use magnets with wireless charging by placing the very strong, rare-earth magnets below the charging coil.

A template is included to help you find the correct spot for the metal plate on your phone or in the case.

I attached my plate inside my phone’s case.

My iPhone XS Max easily snaps into place on the iTap 2’s magnets, and wireless charging begins.

Easy to use

The phone feels very solid on the magnets, and you can remove it easily with just one hand.

Since this mount is a charger, you’ll need to run a microUSB cable from the mount to your vehicle’s power port. The iTap 2 ships with a power cable that’s attached to a car charger. The charger has a cable for the iTap 2 and a USB port for charging another device at the same time.

The Qi-compatible wireless charger provides enough juice to fast-charge your Android or iPhone. It will give your phone as much power as it can handle.

So now, I just touch the phone to the iTap 2, and it snaps securely into place and charges.

I’m completely happy.

As I said at the beginning, I’m rarely completely satisfied with the gadget I’m reviewing. But I can honestly say I’m 100% happy with the iOttie iTap 2. It has every feature I need in a wireless phone charger/mount for my car.

I’m sure I’ll get the chance to review other mounts in the future, but they’ll have a tough time competing with my new favorite.

Pros: Strong magnets, easy to mount in your vehicle, fast wireless charging.

Cons: None.

Bottom line: I’ve stopped wanting a better mount for my phone. I’ve found it.


(Article written by Jim Rossman)