Tapping Into the Invisible Job Market: It?s always whom you know

If you?re currently in the job market, here?s a little known secret for tapping into the most lucrative yet invisible jobs available. Even in the current economy, there are still millions of great jobs out there, according to a copyrighted story in The Career News (www.thecareernews.com). It?s just that many of the best ones never make their way into the classifieds. Instead, they?re taken by people who know about them before they?re ever advertised. Imagine how great it would be if you had thousands of friends who always told you about unadvertised jobs that you?re perfect for.

As they say, it?s not what you know, it?s whom you know. The secret to getting the unadvertised jobs is to make friends out of really good recruiters. And not just a few, but lots of them. Recruiters, also known as headhunters or search consultants, are hired by companies to find candidates to fill open positions. These jobs are often never advertised. The key to maximizing the usefulness of recruiters is to understand that recruiters don?t find jobs for people; they find people for jobs. Recruiters service the people who will pay them today. And unless you?re paying a recruiter out of your pocket today, don?t expect them to canvass the world to find a job for you. So, to get the invisible jobs, play the numbers game well by getting your resume to as many recruiters as you can, especially those that specialize in people with your skills, in your field and in your geographic area.

You can search the Internet to find lists of executive recruiters. There are also other services and Web sites that charge a fee to put your resume in the hands of specialized recruiters.