Investing in Business Technology

Technology for the officeMany business owners spend a lot of money buying the latest tools and gadgets for their employees after hearing promises of how they will improve productivity and increase sales. With all of the technological advancements that have come about in recent years, many business owners are left trying to figure out what to invest in and what to stay away from. If your sales staff regularly comes to you with new ideas of what to buy, here are a few things to consider about how to make your decision.

When to Invest

Whether the sales staff wants you to buy a new iPad or a specific type of smart phones do business with, there are some guidelines that you can refer to when making your decision.

One reason that you should invest is to increase productivity. If your employees will be able to operate more productively than they would otherwise, then it often makes sense to make the investment. In many cases, one of the benefits of the product will pay for itself with productivity gains. If your employees are listing off a lot of benefits, none of which will actually make productivity gains, then you should probably avoid making a purchase. Look for one or a few specific features that will make your employees more productive.

Another reason that you may want to invest in new technology is so that you can help your employees save time. If your employees are constantly tied up in activities that soak up time, you are not going to be getting a good return on your investment as a business owner. By freeing up some time for your employees, you can help them stay focused on important tasks that make your business money. For example, getting your sales staff smartphones so that they can respond to customers email or phone calls right away instead of waiting can help them operate more efficiently.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Investments

Simply investing into new technology isn’t enough to make your investment worthwhile. If you want to get the most out of your technological investments, you need to implement them immediately. Some companies will buy new devices and then wait weeks or months before they actually train their employees on how to use them properly. If you get something new that you want your employees to use, get them using it right away. It will make your investment more worthwhile in the long run. If you take your sweet time, something else may come out that your staff wants to get before they even get used to the old device.

Another way that you can make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck is by choosing solutions that are simple to use. If you pick something that is very complex, your staff may have a hard time adapting to it and ultimately using it on a regular basis. When you take the time to find a solution that is simple and effective, it will make everyone’s life a lot easier.


Before you buy any piece of technology for your team, make sure that you think about whether they are wanting it for business or pleasure. Everyone likes to play with a new toy, but will it make your company any more money? Sometimes, technological advancements come along that are simply too good to pass up. Other times, they are simply noise in the grand scheme of things. Ignore the technology that you don’t see much benefit in, and instead focus on the tools that are actually going to make your business more effective.