Interactive on Line Mall to empower small businesses in tough economic times

    Caribebay Mall ( is the first interactive on-line shopping mall that offers a shopping experience like no other in hopes of empowering small businesses across the globe.

    In hard economic times both retail and wholesale businesses are struggling. Caribebay Mall offers FREE RENT! Renters only pay when merchandise is sold. They choose the percentage they pay, and there are no limits as to the amount of items they can list.

    The mall offers free advertising to its businesses, and retailers also have the option to decorate, customize and upload as many items as they want to their own store.

    For shoppers, Caribebay Mall offers a rewards program. As an additional incentive, Caribebay Mall is currently offering a free cruise for two to the first shopper each day to find the hidden treasure chest in the mall.

    “Over the past few years large companies have driven our ‘mom and pops’ out of business. Smaller businesses are struggling due to the economy. I wanted to do something to help Americana,” said Caribebay CEO, David Phillips.

    Currently, Caribebay Mall has over 70 stores and has been visited by shoppers from 23 different countries. Caribebay Mall is a wonderful opportunity for small businesses to expand their customer base in a location that is visible to the world.

    For more information contact Caribebay Mall at 813-810-4135, or check us out on-line at

    Alicia Nowicki