Insulin pump maker identified after hacking talk

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? Jay Radcliffe revealed three weeks ago that he’d found serious security holes in a popular type of insulin pump that diabetics wear. At the time he kept two important details secret: the pump maker’s name, and the specific technique he used to hack the device.

But Radcliffe says he was ignored in repeated attempts to alert the company to the defects. On Thursday he identified the company ? Medtronic Inc. ? in an effort to apply public pressure to fix the vulnerabilities.

The disclosure raises the risk of attacks on certain Medtronic insulin pumps. But Radcliffe says he hopes that exposure helps fix the problems.

Medtronic would not directly address its interactions with Radcliffe. Spokeswoman Amanda Sheldon says a Medtronic employee attended Radcliffe’s presentation, and the company is analyzing it.