Inside the Music Business With Cheryl Flowers-Briggs

CherylSince 1995, Cheryl Flowers-Briggs has been manager for singer Faith Evans. In addition to managing, she has also spent nearly 20 years with the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY. She briefly managed Missy Elliott in the very beginning of her career. And Flowers-Briggs is owner of Charm Flowers Group, Inc. which she just recently incorporated.

Work is in full swing as Faith is prompting her new CD, ?Incomparable.” Flowers-Briggs took time out from the whirlwind to talk to us about the ins and outs of the music business. What are some of the challenges being in the entertainment business and how did you overcome them?

Cheryl Flowers-Briggs: The entertainment business is always changing; there are so many different challenges from day to day.? When you manage an artist, it’s not just that one individual;? it’s the whole team, with different personalities, different schedules, in different cities.? I overcome them by getting to know each team member personally and treating everybody the same. We are a team, working for the same goal.?
? Have you found any extra challenges being a woman in entertainment?

CFB: Twenty years ago working in the industry as a woman was very difficult.? Everybody you had to deal with at an executive level was a man – at the label, the radio stations, TV networks, the agents, the promoters and the venues. There were very few female managers.? Your ideas were not taken seriously and you had to fight men for what you knew was right and best for a female artist.? Today, it’s different. Women are now at the executive levels and they understand. Entertainment is a tough business. How do you keep your sanity?

CFB: Entertainment is a very tough business.? It is not the regular 9-5, Monday through Friday job.? Growing up in the entertainment industry, I have seen a lot of success and a lot of failures.? I try not to take the job too seriously. Try not to worry about what will be; just let what happens happen.? I pray each day for strength and courage.? My sanity is kept with my meditation and prayers. It is also a very competitive industry, how do you stay a step ahead?

CFB: The industry is very competitive, I stay one step ahead by not worrying about what other managers and artists are doing. Instead, I just keep on concentrating on what’s best for me and my artist. What has been your biggest business lesson?

CFB: Don’t chase money; when opportunities are given to you, it is up to you to make the most out of them. What are your 2015 goals?

CFB: The goals I have set for myself are to continue being a positive human being, giving 100% to my client and standing by my word. What do you love the most about what you do?

CFB: I work with my dear friend, Faith Evans and she has not changed since the day I started working with her.?