Indoor Edible Plants

edibleSpermarket greens are rarely as tasty as the ones you grow in your garden, which is why a new crop of products looks to offer city dwellers a zero-mile diet by letting them raise their own greens indoors, year-round.

How to plant an edible garden with seeds from store-bought items

This hydroponic system, championed by Martha Stewart and New York restaurateur David Bouley, helps you grow micro-green versions of kale and broccoli, along with basil, arugula, wheat grass and lettuce. The appliance, available at stores such as Bay Cities Kitchens and Appliances, South Bay Appliances and selected Snyder Diamond stores, hooks up to your power and plumbing. The design is similar to that of most dishwashers.

Pre-programmed settings control water, indoor lighting and temperature. Your job is to add organic fertilizer once a week. Beverly Hills juicer Liquid Nutrition uses a commercial version about the size of a refrigerator for its beverages. The residential version starts at $2,499. “This can take as much as $100 out of your [monthly] food budget,” says founder and inventor Tarren Wolfe. “Can a wine cooler do that?”

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