Improve Business Efficiency by Using These Productivity Apps

productivity appsUse these apps in your business operations to achieve better results.

Using productivity apps can improve the way you do business. With the right apps, you can remotely manage your work teams, organize your projects and to-do lists, create, edit and share documents, and manage your own CRM (customer relationship management). They can also be used to generate invoices, expense reports and budgets, manage expenses and deposits, and control sales, among others.

Best Apps for Improved Business Efficiency
There are a variety of apps that can be used for almost every purpose you can think of. However, there are those that deliver better results as compared to others. Here are some of the apps that come highly recommended by other business owners.

This app is one of the best online project management tools available today. With Trello, you can easily manage remote teams, identify which tasks must be carried out, assign tasks to different people and indicate a specific delivery date to ensure timely completion of the project. Trello allows you to manage projects in a more visual way and uses cards and boards so you can immediately see your progress in a glance. Best of all, Trello is completely free to use.

Use this powerful app to organize projects, events and contacts, manage potential business in your sales funnel, and analyze key business information. It also provides a powerful CRM solution so you can easily and safely add new users in just one click. Insightly offers a free 14-day trial and comes in both free and paid plans so you can choose which plan works best for you.

Pocket Informant
Use this app to create and edit events and tasks, and organize tasks, notes and contact information in one place.

Dial My Calls
With Dial My Calls, you can send a text or voice message to a list of phone numbers in seconds. It gives people the option of connecting directly to you by simply pressing a key and allows you to control the caller ID so it would look like the calls are coming directly from your organization. Dial My Calls offers a free trial so you can send a 30 second message to up to 25 contacts per week at no cost. Pay as you go credit packages and unlimited monthly plans are also available.

Those who find difficulty recalling their passwords would surely appreciate what this app can do. 1Password allows users to store your passwords, logins and credit card information and keep them safe and secure. New customers get to try the app for free for the first 30 days.

This app allows you to create, edit and present your work even if you are on the go. It also allows you to sync your presentations across all your devices. Prezi does not cost anything if you are creating and presenting work online.

HP ePrint
This app allows you to print from your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, no matter where you are.