Imelme Umana Elected President of the Harvard Law Review

Harvard Law ReviewImelme Umana was recently elected to the prestigious position of president of the Harvard Law Review. She is credited with being the first Black female law student to be elected. 27 years ago, President Barack Obama served as president, and he was credited as the first Black male student to serve in that role.??

President of the Review has long been considered the highest-ranking student position at Harvard Law. According to Daily Kos, ?half of the current Supreme Court justices served on the Harvard Law Review, though none as its president.?

?It still feels like magic that I?m here,? Ms. Umana said in an interview.

At just 24-years old, Umana has already made her decision to become a public defender. ?A lot of the clients I worked with that summer and since have looked a lot like me,? she said. ?They are disproportionately represented on the unfortunate end of the legal system, so it struck a little closer to home,? Umana said of goal to work as public defender.