IKEA Wants To Host Your Wedding Online

weddingOpen up an Ikea catalog and it doesn’t take long to figure out the Swedish retailer wants to have customers covered in every part of their home life. From tables and toilet brushes, to kitchen appliances and beds, to kids toys and flooring. It’s can all be yours with the turn of an Allen key.

Now, in Sweden, Ikea is taking its role in customers’ lives to a whole new level by hosting weddings. Does this mean walking down the aisle next to the Ektorps and Hemnes? Or catering with meatballs and lingonberry drinks? Sadly, no. But “Brollop” is a new online wedding platform that takes a Google Hangouts-type experience and drops it into a selection of fantasy wedding locales like the beach, the forest, a boat, a city rooftop, or at the circus.

The ad for Brollop, created by agency Akestam Holst, illustrates how it can work, with all your friends and family in attendance?while still hanging out in their living room, at a cafe, or wherever they really are. It’s perfect, right? And if you actually want to get married in person, Ikea’s wedding section also offers decorating tips to use its accessories to dress up your nuptials affordably.

But with the frequent hiccups of even modern video conferencing, combined with the digital equivalent of that bag of extra wood plugs and bolts left over after building any Ikea furniture, a Brollup has the potential to be just as awkward as any real wedding.

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