ICANN CEO Beckstrom will leave name agency in July

NEW YORK (AP) ? The agency that oversees the Internet’s addressing system says its chief executive will leave when his contract ends next July.

Rod Beckstrom, a former U.S. cybersecurity chief, has served as CEO of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers since July 2009. No reason was given for his departure, and no successor was named.

ICANN is the organization that sets policies on domain names ? the monikers behind every website and email address. In June, ICANN approved new guidelines meant to significantly expand the address system. Only a handful of domains, including “.net” and “.com,” are currently open for general use worldwide. Hundreds of new suffixes such as “.bank” and “.eco” could be established by late 2012.

Also in June, ICANN elected a new chairman, Internet pioneer Steve Crocker.