Husband And Wife Launch Oscar William’s Gourmet Cotton Candy

Cotton candyThe name alone sounds like fun! Oscar William’s Gourmet Cotton Candy.
Based in Apex, NC, the company is owned by husband and wife team,
and Tasha Kornegay, and sells cotton candy that is made with all-natural

ingredients and comes in such mouthwatering and unique flavor as sour
apple, cheesecake, carrot cake and-pina colada.

The couple are vegans so they came up with an alternative to regular cotton candy. Their products are certified organic, Kosher, vegan, gluten free, allergen-free, no artificial flavoring or coloring.

The company, which is a play on William’s father?s name William Oscar, was launched April 2013 to “raise funding for HIV/AIDS awareness after writing grant after grant with little success. Our son (Kyree) thought it would be a good idea to offer tons of flavored cotton candy,” explains Tasha, mental health therapist by day.

The couple used money from their savings to fund the business. And then Oliver William was born. There were, of course, some inital challenges, such as learning about the machines and the temperament of the product. “Also, high vending fees were an issue for awhile until we figured out our niche, which was more catering for corporate events, school events and selling our product online,” explains Tasha.

Now the pair is looking to expand their offerings with new products. “We are in the process of launching a refill floss kit for the holiday season. The kit is intended for kid machines. Flavors will include Candy Cane, Grandma’s Apple Cider, Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread,” explains Tasha. Eventually, the company hopes to open their own storefront and have their products on shelves.

“We want to franchise the company, and to also open a local All Natural Cotton Candy Store in our neighborhood,” adds Tasha.

For now, Tasha says she and her husband are enjoying what they do. “We like meeting people, and enjoying their facial expressions as they see the product being made,” she says.

Photo: JMF Photography, Raleigh, N.C.