Hurricane Irene Leaves Bahamas In Ruins Leaving Many With Tarps For Shelter

    Hurricane Irene Leaves Bahamas In Ruins Leaving Many With Tarps For Shelter

    Hurricane Irene has come and gone through the Bahamas but the destruction remains. Many people find themselves living under tarps after their homes were destroyed.

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    MIAMI, Aug. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Hurricane Irene has climbed up the eastern seaboard leaving destruction in its path. Many people have depleted hardware stores of their tarps, generators and plywood. The hardest hit area still remains to be the Bahamas. Many people's homes were destroyed in the island paradise and they are now living under tarps.

    Poly tarps are an essential item that can be used for several purposes. They make a great product to have around the home. Also these tarps are not used for just projects at home but they are good for almost anything in or outdoors. Such as the case with the earthquake that took place in Haiti. The tarp covers were used for the victims of the earthquake to provide temporary shelter for the thousands in need.

    During the disaster that took place on Haiti, there were quite a lot of companies sending thousands of these vinyl tarps to the country to supply help to the many who suffered from this natural disaster. There were several other organizations who donated not only medical supplies, clothing, foods but also they donate many of these vinyl tarpaulins to the earthquake stricken area.

    The United States based tarps distributor, Tarps Plus said, "We have loaded up on tarps for hurricanes and various other types of tarps for this type of situation."

    When the aid for Haiti arrived, people were given supplies such as water, foods, clothes, medicine and tarps that provided them with some place to live until the situation improved. Many tarps were used as a means for storage of supplies that were provided people of Haiti.

    The earthquake left so many people homeless and without any shelter, as the country was left devastated. Many of the people from the county of Haiti would have died if not for the poly tarps were used to provide some temporary shelter for those who were homeless and in dire need of some aid.

    The tarps can be used in several ways. To the victims of the Bahamas, shelter seems to be a current staple.

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