Hurricane? Earthquake? There’s an App for That

disaster management, apps for disaster, disaster alert appsWhen a natural disaster strikes, your smartphone can save your life.

When a natural disaster strikes, your smartphone can save your life. No one is immune from weather-related catastrophes, and these apps can help you stay alert and prepare to face whatever Mother Nature throws your way.?

Allstate Weather Alerts?

Know exactly what is coming your way by signing up for Allstate weather alerts. You can enter up to five different geographic locations so you will know what is going on when you travel or around your loved ones. Take your pick from eight different weather categories and select your notification preferences, then receive up-to-the-minute warnings before a natural disaster strikes. You will also receive other tips on protecting your safety and making informed choices.?

Red Panic Button?

If you need assistance after disaster strikes, just hit the red panic button to get help. The app sends a tweet, email or SMS with your precise GPS coordinates to a list of contacts, and it can even automatically dial 911.?


Your first instinct may be to panic in response to a natural disaster, but this app brings calm to the chaos. GotoAID walks you through the basics of crisis response and helps you make focused, intelligent choices in the critical early minutes after an emergency.?

The app also helps you prepare for the wrath of Mother Nature, including volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and more. There is even a special first aid section that covers procedures for people, cats and dogs.?

American Red Cross Mobile Apps?

The safest place to be during a natural disaster is often an American Red Cross shelter. Use this app to find the one closest to you based on your current GPS location.?

Other apps offered by the American Red Cross include hurricane, earthquake, and wildfire alerts that provide easy-to-understand first aid advice.?

Disaster Readiness?

Electricity and Internet access are often the first things to go following a natural disaster. You may be without telecommunications and the Web for days, but Disaster Readiness prepares you for the worst before it happens.?

The app is loaded with over 175,000 reference works that you can easily download and store offline. Through the guides, you can learn to survive everything from wildfires to flash floods. Download those that are most relevant to your location to prepare yourself before it is too late.?

What is your go-to app when disaster strikes? Share your favorite and how it has helped you through a natural disaster in the comments section below.