HTC Touch Pro2: Solid Phone

I’ve been a long time Verizon Wireless and Treo Palm User but when T-Mobile released its HTC T-Mobile Touch Pro2 I jumped at the chance to review it.If you like touch screen cell phones you’ll love the HTC Touch Pro2.

Like most technology there are often so many features in the technology we use that we never have time to fully utilize all the features available to us. Here’s what I liked about the Touch Pro2:
The video camera is 3.2 mega pixels making the resulting picture quality very good, especially compared to the htc Ozone that I currently have.

The phone easily switches, with one hand, from the touch screen to the slide out keyboard.
There is a lot of customization available on the phone overall, especially how the home screen works and accessibility of the programs.

I make a lot of conference calls and it’s always a royal pain to have to enter the conference call number and pin number. The HTC makes this quite easy. “Appointment reminders will conveniently cue up the phone number and PIN, ready for you to press”, according to the HTC Pro2 web site.
Overall, if you want to be productive, as productive as you can, it is important that you find a phone that meets your needs and life style.

If you don’t make a lot of conference calls, the above conference call feature might not be so important to you.
Maybe you need a long lasting batter. I found the HTC Touch Pro2’s battery didn’t last all day long, like my htc Ozone battery does.

Since the Touch Pro2 has a slide out keyboard and touch screen the phone is a bit thick, it reminds me, in some ways, of the thickness of Palm’s Treo.

Ramon Ray is the editor and tecch evangelist for