How Will Stocks Fair In Coming Weeks

stoAfter a quiet end to a frenetic week on Wall Street?in which the Dow fell as much as 1,000 points only to rebound by about as many?the question on everyone?s mind is the same.

What?s in store for stocks in the coming week?

Will the market get off to a another frenzied start like it did on Aug. 24, when news about China?s market crash and economic woes sent the Dow plunging? Or is the worst of the storm behind us, and will equities begin to grind out gains from here on out?

To answer that, you have to pay attention to the following:

Wall Street usually dances to the beat of its own drum, but in jittery times, global markets tend to move in unison.

That?s what happened in the global financial crisis in 2008. And that?s what?s been happening since Aug. 17, when China?s stock market slide began to spread around the world.

So Sunday night, when the Asian markets begin trading, you?ll have a sense of whether Wall Street will be in a good or bad mood come Monday morning.

Fed Chatter

Toward the end of the week, remarks by Federal Reserve officials did as much to move the market as real economic data. When New York Fed president William Dudley on Wednesday said the case for raising interest rates in September was ?less compelling? in light of the recent market shocks, Wall Street soared.

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