How What We Learned in College Can Inform Business Success


College is a place where a good number of people spend a couple of years honing their skills and discovering what they want to do professionally for the rest of their lives. Getting a college education, therefore, prepares an individual for the professional world. The following collegiate hacks can help you find business success.

Working efficiently

One characteristic of college life is that it involves a lot of activities, academic or otherwise. These activities are all important and must be accommodated in a student?s schedule. Learning how to complete a task in the shortest time possible is an important hack in creating more time for other things. Using this technique in the business world will help the entrepreneur to be able to be more productive by getting much done as possible in a single day.

Setting goals

Every student who attends college does so with a specific goal in mind; usually it is to get a degree or diploma at the end of the course. It is also imperative to set shorter goals for yourself in the course of your study. These goals will motivate you to put more effort into your work. Similarly, in the business world, an entrepreneur cannot set up a business with no clue as to what they want to achieve at the end of the day. It is impossible to succeed in a business without a clear focus and vision. Similarly, being goal oriented is an important skill that is essential for every entrepreneurial endeavor.


Every college student faces the challenge of balancing the many activities in their lives; going to class, completing assignments, going for sports, having a social life and working, for those who have a job. Good students, however, know how to manage their time effectively, so that everything can run smoothly. Knowing what needs to be done and at what time is a skill that is demanded by the business world.

Having persistence

People who have gone to college know that the going will get tough at one point or another. Having to deal with a mean lecturer or being left out during a team selection even after dedicating months in practice are just some of the things you might encounter.

However, what makes a good student is the understanding that life is full of bumps and potholes, which have to be faced. Persistence keeps you from quitting the football practice because you did not make the team; after all there might be another chance next season. Just like in college, the entrepreneurial journey is not smooth. As such, It is not a choice for entrepreneurs to be persistent. Startups might take a lot of time before they finally become profitable and established businesses go through difficult phases. The idea is to keep doing what you do best.

Whether you have gone through college or not, you will find these tactics useful in the course of running your business. Of course, college life helps.