How Video Content Can Improve Your Company's Web Presence

Making a name for yourself on the Internet isn’t something you can do overnight. It takes time and using the right tools to break out of your shell and create your brand. One of the most powerful tools to use on your website is video. Videos can make users more comfortable reaching out for your products and services. Designers now typically include a spot when making a landing page for you to place a video as an introduction to your site. It’s always advisable to shoot video if it falls within your budget.
Videos drastically increase your web presence and provide a more face-to-face interaction with users. A video gives prospects a view of what goes on behind the text and can be almost as effective as meeting in person and having an interaction. A web page with only text is impersonal, and you need to get personal to turn prospects into customers.

Different types of videos

Videos create a connection between businesses and visitors, which can be difficult when restricting interactions to online only. Videos allow you to keep a professional website appearance while showing clients your style. Many users would rather click on a video instead of reading a giant wall of text.
Videos give you the flexibility to market your business in multiple ways to achieve the ultimate goal of driving prospective clients to reach out and contact you. Here are four common types of videos you can utilize on your site.

1. A trailer

A quick and straightforward trailer video gives visitors an introduction to your business. You can include images of products, sites where you have physical locations, or pictures of your employees hard at work. Don’t forget to add an image of the CEO or founder to put the name of your company to a face.

2. Q&A

A question-and-answer video provides a wealth of information in a small amount of time. A static frequently asked questions page offers basic information, but a video gives you an opportunity to further elaborate on these questions. This can be one of the first things prospects seek out when visiting your site.

3. An interview

An interview is an excellent chance to show how your quirks and personality translate to the workplace. A one-on-one interview allows an individual to elaborate on their expertise. Create a series with many employees to provide an informational sequence.

4. An event

An event can bring your business to the forefront. Document an event and showcase it on your site. Clients get a fresh perspective, and it might encourage them to finally convert.
Promote your videos after you upload them. Utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to them, and encourage viewers to share. During slow periods share an older video to boost traffic.
A video is an interactive and current way to interact with visitors. It gives your business an edge over the competition and also presents you as a forward-thinking and interactive company.