Why To Workout At 4 a.m.

WORKSqueezing in a workout before the rest of the world is even awake takes an extreme amount of willpower and dedication, and maybe a bit of insanity. But if you work at it, anyone can become an early riser, says Men?s Health sleep advisor W. Christopher Winter, M.D.

So learn from the masters. These six guys get up every morning at 4 a.m. to break a sweat. Here?s how they do it.

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Picture Your Rivals

Name: John Burk

Location: ? Fort Stewart, Georgia

Occupation: Instructor at the Fort Stewart Noncommissioned Officer Academy and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Burk?s a former drill sergeant, but that doesn?t mean a 4 a.m. wakeup call comes easy. So Burk remembers an old military mantra to drag himself out of bed: ?You may be tired or hurting, but there is someone somewhere training harder to kill you.??

He then applies that saying to his current goals. Right now, the vet is training for a bodybuilding competition. ?All I can see is this blank figure, this silhouette, and he?s training even harder than me to beat me on that stage,? he says.

Make It As Easy As Possible

Name: Richard Rees

Occupation: Executive director of Rees Family Services, a company that provides assistance for foster children and personal trainer at Rees Personal Training

Rees? alarm clock goes off at 3:50 a.m., and he?s out the door on a run just minutes later.

His quick turnaround is due to the fact that his clothes, coffee, and breakfast are all ready when he wakes up. Even his socks and the coffee scooper are laid out waiting for him. He doesn?t need to think about anything.?

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The longer your to-do list in the morning, the easier it is to stay in bed, Rees says. So prepping every last detail the night before eliminates excuses.

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