How To Use Snap Chat For Business

SNAPSam Sisakhti, founder and CEO of UsTrendy, a marketplace for fashion designers and boutiques, has a foolproof guide to figuring out which social media platforms his startup needs to be on: Follow the interns.

UsTrendy?s core demographic is women aged 16 to 28, and Sisakhti has pursued them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram by taking the advice of his college-aged interns. Most recently, he began to see those sites getting replaced. ?We always look at what our interns are doing, and right now they?re getting crazy with Snapchat,? he says.

Not every small business needs to be on social media and even fewer need to be on Snapchat. But if your business is targeting young people, you might want to take notice. Snapchat began infamously as a one-to-one mobile messaging app known for sexting ? because its messages disappeared in seconds ? but today it?s a one-to-many platform used daily by more than 100 million users. There?s even evidence it?s being adopted by moms.

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