How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Customers

Using linked inTips for Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Everyone is on LinkedIn these days. In case you?ve been living under a rock the last few years, LinkedIn is like Facebook for professionals looking to network. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to use to find a new job or a new employee because you can see people who you know as well as people they know, and you can ask them to introduce you to them. This helps create a system of vetting potential contacts. While most people use LinkedIn to expand their professional networks primarily for employment purposes, you can also use it as a networking tool to generate customers and sales.?

  • Have a Strong Profile: This may seem like really elementary advice, but having a strong profile that clearly shows your skills and the services you provide. Focus your profile on what you can do for customers, list past clients and provide any materials you can like articles, presentations, videos, etc. If you think about it, LinkedIn is basically a site where you sell yourself as an employee. If you?re not looking for a job, use the same strategies to sell yourself to potential clients instead.
  • Master the Art of Second Degree: One of the best features about LinkedIn is that you can see your network?s network. Basically, if you?re connected with someone you know, you can see all of their connections. If you see someone you?d like to connect to, you can ask your mutual connection to introduce you. These connections are called ?second degree? connections, and are possibly the best tool you have to generate new customers.?
  • Join Groups: Groups are a great way to scope out clients on LinkedIn for two reasons. First, you can get further acquainted with the issues, challenges and other concerns a potential clients may be facing. It also gives you a chance to then join their conversations and make yourself look like someone they might need to address those concerns. Another great advantage: you don?t have to know someone to be able to email them through groups.