How to Use Google Calendar Creatively and Effectively

google calendarDid you know that Google Calendar can be used for a lot of things other than scheduling events and vacations? If you want to learn how you can use this online tool in more creative ways, then let’s get started.?


Google Calendar ? Some Creative Applications You Probably Haven’t Thought About

You may not know it but this nifty online tool can be quite useful in carrying out any task that has something to do with date and time. As such, it can be used in:

Managing your budget. Google Calendar (GCal) can help you manage your budget quite effectively. By creating a calendar specifically for this purpose, you can keep track of your finances without missing a beat. Use GCal to schedule paychecks and any recurring bills. You may want to turn on the automatic alert feature to keep you updated on your bill payment dates. You can also use this tool to keep track of your daily spending if you want to.

Managing projects. Does your business run on tight deadlines? If you need an accessible online collaboration tool to keep your team members informed about their assignments and any upcoming due dates, this is definitely the tool you need to use.?

Managing employees’ schedule. You can likewise use GCal to centralize employee scheduling so that your team leaders can effectively work around employee absences and still get things done as scheduled.?

Keep track of interesting information. Isn’t it quite annoying to find some piece of interesting information only to realize later on that you don’t remember where you’ve seen or bookmarked it? With GCal, this, too, will be a thing of the past. Use it to create some sort of reading diary complete with the title and the URL of the article so you can conveniently pull it out anytime you need to.

Schedule social media updates. The ability to import and sync your GCal with your Facebook page is yet another useful feature that you should consider. Simply input “events” when you want them to appear on your Facebook page and they will be posted 15 minutes before the scheduled time.?

Keeping up with the weather. Through IFTTT, you can choose to receive weather updates directly through your calendar. With GCal, you’ll never get caught amidst heavy rains without your umbrella ever again.