How To Tell Dragon-Slaying Stories In Your Resume

Once you realize that all of your power to capture a reader?s attention ? and I?m talking about your hiring manager here, a/k/a Your Next Boss ? is in the story that you tell, you?re going to view your resume differently. Your resume has to tell a story. A human being has to come through the page and grab your hiring manager?s attention.

That human being is you, of course ? vibrant, creative and full of ideas. You can?t expect a manager to get excited about the fact that you did blah blah blah at one big company and blah blah blah at another. Why would they care? They are lonely in their pain. It?s lonely at the top of every company and every department. The hiring manager carries a lot on his or her shoulders. If you were that manager, wouldn?t you be excited to meet a sharp, enthusiastic and responsible person like you to help get things done?

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