How to Talk About Your Weakness in Interviews

Weakness at interviews Use these strong answers to ace your next interview

You landed the big interview, dressed for success, made eye contact and aced every question they threw your way. You are feeling like you’ve got this in the bag, until you hear ?What’s your biggest weakness?? It’s tempting to proclaim you have none to show your confidence, but that is a lie (and your potential new boss knows it!). Since passing is not an option, here are five great ways to answer this popular but tough interview question.?

?I Project Self-Expectations??
Say this to show that you expect high levels of performance from both your coworkers and yourself. Add that you recognize that everyone has different levels of ability and skills but that you work to bring the best out of everyone. Elaborate to say that you understand how important it is for everyone to contribute to the overall success of the business.?
?I Get Attached to Projects??
Talk about how you don’t just go through the motions, but instead focus on getting tasks done right. Stress your attention to detail and how that is a huge asset in a fast-paced environment. All employers appreciate mistake-free projects, so this weakness is actually a strength.?
?I’m a Workaholic??
Explain that you are always thinking in terms of the business and always brainstorming new ways to improve it. Instead of offering to come in every weekend, talk about how you take note of ideas when reading the Sunday paper or surfing social media sites. This ?weakness? shows that you take your job seriously and that you understand that success and results come from more than just putting in your nine-to-five.?
?I Assume Leadership Roles??
Leadership is a great quality, and admitting that you sometimes take on leadership roles even when they are not designated to you can be a good thing. Use this response to elaborate on your interest in getting the job done and taking on responsibilities when needed. Add that you remain sensitive to your coworkers even when in a leadership position to avoid sounding like a tyrant.?