How to Survive a Devastating Career Mistake

career mistakeConsider these tips to correct a career misstep.

Mistakes. Everyone makes them, but when you?re at work and you make a particularly obvious one, it can seem like the end of the world.? If you?ve missed a big deadline, sent the wrong person an email or made some other workplace mistake that made you look like a fool, we have a few tips on how to recover and move forward.

  1. Admit Your Mistake.? The very first step in recovering from a workplace mistake is to admit that you?ve made it in the first place. Trying to hide a mistake or ignore it can only make things worse and make you look like an incompetent or uncaring employee. If you act like your mistake was no big deal, you?ll look like you didn?t care that you made a mistake and that?s the worst position to be in.
  2. Do Everything You Can to Fix It. If there are things you can do to minimize the damage and fix the problem, do them. Stay late, revise your documents if necessary, contact the individual who received the wrong information or who didn?t receive information that should have. Let them know you?ll have the correct information to them as quickly as possible.
  3. Learn From Your Mistake and Move On.? Beating yourself up over a mistake does nothing other than make you feel bad, and that can affect your performance, as well as your emotional well-being.? Know that you?ll do better in the future and avoid making the mistake again, then move on.
  4. Accept the Results. Depending on how bad your mistake was, you may be called into the boss? office and reprimanded; you may be fired.? You know it was a stupid mistake and that it is unfortunate that it happened, but there?s nothing you can do about that situation in the present.