How to Stop Worrying So Much About Money

Don't let Money woes get you downPutting Money Worries to Rest

Worrying about money can cause many sleepless nights and health problems, but it can also reduce productivity at work. The McGraw Hill Federal Credit Union conducted a survey of over 1,000 people on the subject, and nearly 40 percent said they spent a minimum of two hours each day worrying about money. Many of the respondents worried about their finances while working, and a study by Beninger, DuPont and Associates suggests that nearly half of workers are so worried about money that it prevents them from properly doing their jobs.
If money woes are getting in the way of your productivity or preventing you from getting a good night’s rest, follow these tips to reduce money stress.
Know the Signs of Stress
Everyone has cues for stress ? things that make them more anxious or irritable. Money is just one of those things, but other cues can cause stress on top of your money woes. Preventing them will reduce your overall level of stress and help you look at your finances in a healthier way without added distractions. Common triggers for stress include not getting enough sleep, not eating enough and not taking time for yourself.
Face the Situation
Ignorance or denial only makes problems worse, including financial ones. Take account of your current financial situation and learn about your options for improving it. You cannot afford to fool yourself or be ignorant about money issues. Face the real situation head on to change it.
Put denial aside and be honest with yourself. If you need to, enlist the help of a professional financial planner.
Talk to Others
Many people try to play off or ignore their money problems out of shame, but talking to others can lead to better outcomes. You are not the only one with money issues to solve, and your friends and family will likely offer support, not criticism. Talking through your problems helps you solve them and not feel as isolated and alone.
Learn to Better Manage Stress
The vast majority of people have money issues at one time or another, but some manage the stress of financial worries better than others. Take time for yourself, make healthy lifestyle changes, avoid masking your problems with drugs or alcohol, start an exercise program and build relationships with your loved ones. These healthier ways of managing stress will help you get through any financial issues that arise.