How To Stay Active and Productive

OBEAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of Americans who are overweight is?are you ready for this? a staggering 69%. Let me repeat that, 69%. As in over two-thirds. As in nearly seven out of 10 people.

Note to Self: Remember to workout. I?m one of the 69%.

New Note to Self: Make time to work out. Of course I would work out more often if I had the time.

Question to other workaholics: How do you make time to exercise in a schedule that you can?t always control?

There are many answers to this dilemma that almost all of us, in one guise or another, deals with. But one remedy comes in the form of the changes that are happening in the workplace. I?m detecting an increasing buzz toward reinventing the workplace?in part to promote health and wellness. People want to break out of traditional office designs that restrict mobility and are centered on the idea of a desk and a chair. That?s so last century?and it feels exactly like the walled gardens that I worked in earlier in my career.

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